Dean Boysen

Artistic Director
Trumpets and Flugelhorn

Composer and Arranger

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       June of the year 1979 marked my first legitimate record date and it took place at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, California for the Fantasy Studios Record label.  I had just turned twenty one years-old a month earlier in May.  The recording date was a 'live performance' recording " Living Proof " with the world famous soul singer artist "Sylvester".  I played lead trumpet and led the section of five horns, two of which were regulars with the band. The band was complimented by a string section of S.F. Symphony musicians and backup vocalists called, "Two Tons O' Fun", Martha Wash and Izora Armstead. This live recording spanned three sides of the four for the double album set - a collector's item for sure now.


       From that point on my studio career took off.  In the span of a four year period I had performed on more than thirty (30) soul and funk fusion records including two for the band 'Collage' of which I was a founding member. This period was important for me as an aspiring young trumpeter, composer and arranger. Most of my horn arranging during this period was for three or four horns, and sometimes as large as seven horns (The Whispers album, "Imagination" - written and performed by my band Arrival, later to be renamed Collage.

       I left the 'funky soul' nightclub band music business in 1983 in order to 'get on with my life' as one would say.  As a result, my life style greatly improved, new occupation, marriage, family, education, and new opportunities in music performance and writing ensued. I am grateful to have had those fruitful years performing and recording in that particular genre. Those experiences and memories are everlasting. Intuitively I had recognized the writing on the wall: that most horn equipped bands would be passé in a short matter of time and become yet another footnote of pop cultures music's past.  Thankfully though, even forty years later, the music of funk is still enjoyed by many, young and old. FUNK ON! 

Caricature artwork by Richard Cabrera

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