BRAZZISSIMO Brass Chamber Music Ensemble
Est. 2001


About the ensemble



BRAZZISSIMO is a ten-piece brass chamber music ensemble, sometimes referred to as a brass dectet.  We formed in 2001 and have been performing in the Bay Area region for the last 18 years playing a variety of music especially arranged or composed for this brass ensemble medium. We perform classical, jazz, Latin and contemporary works. You might just well ask, "What instruments are represented in the BRAZZISSIMO dectet?"  Well, it's a splendid combination of brass instruments including four trumpets (piccolo trumpet, various pitched trumpets and flugelhorn), four trombones (including baritone horn), French horn and tuba.

Our musicians represent some of the finest players in the region.  Our members perform in various orchestras, symphonic bands, smaller chamber groups and many too, are music educators.  


Now well into our 19th season, our continuous MISSION is to present exciting and true interpretations of brass chamber literature and our GOAL, as always, is to present to audiences the most enjoyable and memorable concert-going experiences possible.

Sound file: "II. The Magic Clock" from "The Toy Maker"

Written by A. DiLorenzo 

Performed in concert by Brazzissimo.

The Musicians

Dean Boysen

Dean Boysen

Artistic Director
Trumpets and Flugelhorn

Composer and arranger


Jonathan Knight

Principal Trumpet


Ian Cochran

Trumpets and Flugelhorn

Noel Weidkamp  - Brazzissimo Piedmont 2009.JPG

Noel Weidkamp

Trumpets and Flugelhorn

Keith Johns_edited.jpg

Keith Johns

Flugelhornist and Trumpets

Becca Burrington I.jpg

Becca Burrington

Trombone and vocalist

Jame Pannell.jpg



John Buschiazzo.JPG

John Buschiazzo

Trombone and Euphonium

Brazzissimo China Trip 219.jpg

Todd Weinman

Bass Trombone

Brazzissimo China Trip 146.jpg

John Taylor



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