July 2022

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Various Selections from December 2014

Blade of Spain - "Habiba", "Navarre" - A. DiLorenzo

Peanut Vendor - Simmons/Gilbert/Sunshine, arr. by Dean Boysen

Baltazar "A Kings Journey" - A. DiLorenzo

On the Sunnyside of the Street - McHugh/Fields, arr. John Iveson 


About the ensemble

BRAZZISSIMO is a ten-piece brass chamber music ensemble that performs music of the Classical, Jazz, Latin and contemporary music idioms with emphasis towards developing audience-inspiring programs. We are based in the Bay Area region of northern California and have performed nearly one hundred concerts since our inception twenty years ago. 


Our ensemble consists of four trumpeters, four trombonists, a French horn,  and a tuba. And, with in-house composers and arrangers, our musical adventures are limitless. 


OUR MISSION: to perform music that is truly audience accessible with true interpretations of brass chamber literature.

OUR GOAL: to present the most enjoyable and memorable concert-going experiences possible, to you!                 

-  Dean


The Musicians

Dean Boysen

Artistic Director
Trumpets and Flugelhorn
Composer and arranger

Dean Boysen


Keith Johns

Jonathan Knight

Trumpets and Flugelhorn

Principal Trumpet

Noel Weidkamp  - Brazzissimo Piedmont 2009.JPG

Noel Weidkamp

Trumpets and Flugelhorn

John Buschiazzo.JPG

John Buschiazzo

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Craig Bryant

Trombone and Euphonium

Trombone and Euphonium

John Digiglio.jpeg

John Degiglio

French horn

Brazzissimo China Trip 146.jpg

John Monroe

Trombone and Euphonium

Brazzissimo China Trip 219.jpg

John Taylor


Todd Weinman


Neal Williamson

Bass Trombone


Sheet Music

For inquiries:

email: brazzmusic@sbcglobal.net


Various Concert Selections - December 2014BRAZZISSIMO
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